Jumbo Perch Derby Perchapalooza





It is free to enter and is open to children and adults. The derby consists of five 14 day periods. Starting Thursday June 16th at 4 a.m. and ending Wednesday August 24th at 8 p.m. Prizes will be awarded per period for 1st, 2d, and 3d place. Winners and prizes will be posted and awarded on the Thursdays following the period end. With a grand prize for the overall largest perch that was entered into the derby to be awarded on Thursday 8/25/16.

Prizes per period:

1st. place $25 Park Bait Gift Certificate

2d. place $15 Park Bait Gift Certificate

3d. place $10 Park Bait Gift Certificate

Grand Prize is $50 cash and a fishing prize package with an estimated value of $50.

Rules and Derby Periods:

Open to everyone, children and adults. If you are 16 & older you must have a valid Illinois fishing license that was purchased prior to the start of the derby. You may enter as many times as you wish, but can only win one place per period. In case of a tie in weight, the length of the perch will declare the winner, if a tie remains in weight and length we then will draw names and move into place, which may bump someone down. The largest perch that was entered throughout the 5 periods by weight in pounds and ounces will be awarded the grand prize. If there is a tie here same tie rules apply as stated above. Entry times are 4 a.m. Thursday 6/16/16 through the close of business at 8 p.m. on Wednesday 8/24/16. Entries will be posted in the shop, on our website @ (www.parkbaitshop.com) and on Facebook @ Park Bait Co.

Period 1 start 4 a.m. 6/16/16                   Period 1 end 8 p.m. 6/29/16

Period 2 start 4 a.m. 6/30/16                  Period 2 end 8 p.m. 7/13/16

Period 3 start 4 a.m. 7/14/16                   Period 3 end 8 p.m. 7/27/16

Period 4 start 4 a.m. 7/28/16                  Period 4 end 8 p.m. 8/10/16

Period 5 start 4 a.m. 8/11/16                   Period 5 end 8 p.m. 8/24/16


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