who we are


William (Willie) Greene went to Montrose Harbor as a 10 year old boy in 1937 where fisherman fished from sunrise to sunset.  Some of the old timers took little Willie under there wing.  There was 2 Pole Johnny, Diversey Shorty, Uncle Henry, and Coffee George.  Nicknames from the depression that was who you were or what you did.  Uncle Henry taught Willie how to fish.  After the war Coffee George lent him the money to take over the Bait Shop and the rest is history.  It has been 56 years. Willie passed in 2012 but his daughter oversees the shop now.
Thanks to all the customers we’ve had over the years. You meant a lot to my father and
our family, we look forward to serving you for years to come.

Our Mission

We offer a full line of bait and tackle weather you’re fishing, feeding pets, or using for the classroom.

We are located right on Lake Michigan (the big pond as some would say) so we are your go to for all your perch and salmon needs, but don’t let that fool you we have knowledge of many local fishing spots and can offer bait, tackle, and advice for them all.

Call ahead for an up to date honest fishing report. (773-271-2838) Here at Park Bait Co. you will always get the truth. We hope to see, hear and enjoy speaking with you in our shop. Stop by today!