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  • Worms, Spikes And Waxworms
    Get the freshes Night crawlers, Wax worms and Spikes on the lake. Park Bait get bait on a daily basis, come and get your today!
  • Crawfish
    Crawfish the Perch love...
  • Minnows
    We have healthy lively Minnows, Whether Golden Roaches, Fatheads or Shiners come by and get yours today.
  • Lures
    We have the lure that big ones are hitting on now. Come check out our selection.    ...
  • Rods & Reels
    We offer a great selection of reasonably priced fishing rods, reels, and combos.

Main services

We sell all types of live bait, terminal tackle, lures, have a great selection of rods, reels, bait buckets, and tackle boxes.  We also sell  ice, soda, coffee and rolls.

  • Rod and Reels
    We have a great selection of affordably priced rods, reels and combos. Stop by and pick one out....
  • Lures for the lakefront
    If you don't have a bucket, no worries, we have a variety of sizes to choose from starting at $1.95 and up. Stop by and see for yourself, you'll be glad you did....
  • Catch Salmon On The Chicago Lakefront Like This…
    If you want to catch fish like this, knowledge is key! We can help you with fishing conditions, how the fish are biting and what lure or bait that's working. Come visit us at Park...