Tuesday April 9th,
Salmon and Trout fishing has been hit or miss. Some are doing well and getting there limit while others get skunked. When the winds are out of the N/N-E fish turn on, winds change they slow up. It’s been mostly a large minnow or night crawler bite but they are also hitting spawn sacs, shrimp, shad, artificial baits etc. … The eclipse was interesting. Not sure if it made fish more active but they were biting. Reports of Smallmouth getting active. Still a Perch here and there by those fishing for Coho on powerlines. I did have a gentleman tell us he went out to test his smelt equipment and was out for an hour and caught 15. He may be the only one that has tried so far lol.

The Chicago Fishing Advisory Committee will be holding its monthly meeting Thursday April 18th, 10AM at the 31st Street Harbor. It is an open meeting.

We’d like to get more anglers involved so if you can make it we’d love to have you!

As always call for your up to the minute report we tell it as we hear it!

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