SATURDAY JUNE 29th, Perch overall have been good. I know there have been lots of limits caught as well as some getting a few or none. There is a big school of perch here and they keep moving around the shoreline from the Horseshoe to the harbor you just have to locate them. Once you find them they are mostly JUMBOS! Bite times has varied also. They are biting on a variety of baits, crayfish, minnows, Shad raps etc.. Any of you that know perch they make you work a little bit. The Smallmouth are still active up and down the lakefront. I have seen some big ones. I still think I will be weighing in a record or one very close to it. They are biting on plastics as well as live bait, crayfish, larger minnows, crawlers, shrimp etc… No recent reports of Steelhead but Im sure they are around. Just jig the bottom with a dark hair jig and wax worm or float a large shiner, or crawler/ shrimp mix. I was told by a very reputable source that south around Jackson Harbor he saw a King jump. It seems a little early but you know there is no rhyme or reason to this thing we call fishing. Sheephead on the Horseshoe when winds are North/East on crayfish but will hit a variety of baits. A lot of Rock Bass in the harbors too. They are always fun to catch! Like I say you can’t catch them from your couch, get out and enjoy the summer! We are here regular hours for the 4th of July holiday 4am to 8pm. As always call for your up to the minute report we tell it as we hear it!

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